Negrete Design Humble Farmer Branding Project
Humble farmer
Nestled in Southern California, Humble Farmer has gained recognition for its distinctive brews, carefully crafted with ingredients sourced from local farms. Rooted in a small rural town, Humble Farmer proudly embraces the agricultural lifestyle. 

Humble Farmer wants to expand its customer base by seeking a cohesive and elevated visual identity that embodies its spirit.

Logo Design

Negrete Design Humble Farmer Brewery LogoNegrete Design Humble Farmer Beer Packaging DesignNegrete Design Humble Farmer. Hops Farmer smiling.Negrete Design Humble Farmer Packaging System

The type of beer is distinguished by these labels, making it easier to “chunk” information, so the customer can quickly and easily identify which beers fit their taste. Each label uses farmers’ shorthand marks for a subtle connection to the brand’s history.

Negrete Design Humble Farmer Beer Packaging System
Negrete Design Humble Farmer Brewery Logo on a beer glassNegrete Design Humble Farmer Packaging Illustrations
Negrete Design close up of Humble Farmer Beer Packaging
Negrete Design Humble Farmer Beer Packaging SystemNegrete Design Humble Farmer Brewery
Negrete Design Humble Farmer in the Imperial Valley messaging
Negrete Design Humble Farmer Beer Growler DesignNegrete Design Humble Farmer Branded Brewery Growler

Physical beer-type stickers are used to mark a growler every time it’s been refilled. Making the real fans stand out and giving them a way to display their support.

Negrete Design Humble Farmer Hops Logo on a ShirtNegrete Design Humble Farmer Brewery Illustration MuralNegrete Design Humble Farmer Beer
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