Negrete Design Jade Branding Project
Jade is the luxury sub-brand for renowned airline Aeromexico. More than an airline class, Jade is a transcendent experience that seamlessly blends opulence and culture. In ancient Mesoamerica, jade jewelry was reserved for royalty. As an experience, Jade aims to evoke the same regal air for their passengers.

Jade wants to create an authentically elevated travel experience for their premium customers.

Logo Design
App Design
Website Design

Negrete Design Jade Logo DesignNegrete Design Jade Aztec PyramidNegrete Design Jade Luxury airport DesignNegrete Design Jade Luxury airline ticket DesignNegrete Design Jade Luxury airline Website DesignNegrete Design Jade Luxury airline App DesignNegrete Design Jade Luxury airline lounge

Lounge area highlighted with authentic Mexican jade. Members can lounge like royalty while waiting for their flight.

Negrete Design Luxury airline Billboard Design for JadeNegrete Design Jade Luxury Airline Plane Interior
Negrete Design Jade Branded welcome cardsNegrete Design Jade Branded Flight Attendant Uniform
Negrete Design Jade Branded Plane for Luxury Airline
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